Knowing Birth Order improves relationships. Birth Order lets you know how to feel about others??? behavior, reveals why people do what they do and shows the strategies people use. Birth Order enables you to compete in a challenging world, discover your strengths and anticipate what others will do.

We live in a world that can be disturbing as defined by our Birth Order. That world can be chaotic, lonely, adversarial, scary or even hostile according to our Birth Order perceptions. The world feels safer when knowing Birth Order lets us see it as it is.

Steps to follow in understanding Birth Order:
1. Figure out your own Birth Order personality so you understand yourself.
2. Figure out the Birth Order personality of the people in your life.
3. Use this knowledge to improve your life ??? check out the Birth Order anti-depressants.

You can come to know Birth Order by using this website and the Birth Order Insights blog. You may want to learn it more thoroughly through phone consultation. For details call 515-295-3900.

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